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 word from your gm :)

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PostSubject: word from your gm :)   word from your gm :) Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 3:43 am

Since changes were made in the guild we had some people leaving and joining us. Things are getting more serious wich is for some reason to leave others to join.
Hereby a big welcome to the newcomers and goodbye and good luck to all who left us!!
Because i want to make sure the guild doesnt become a sort of church, where one can come and go as they like, ill be more strict from now on if people want to rejoin.
Leaving without talking to an officer and pref me wil now mean leaving for good.

Officers are starting talks with people under them so we know what to expect raiding wise/ time wise etc. We will recruit were we se a need for more.
Also officers are now 1st to be contacted about raids, also for new people joining talk to the corresponding officer.

As you might have noticed Elre left us wich leaves us with a somewhat more urgent need of a new tank. Contact me, Maive or Mordia if you have suggestions!!

Im happy to see more people are getting used to signing up on forum and i would like to remind all ill be taking a look in 3 weeks who didnt sign for at least 2 raids a week without a good excuse.
These players wil be put back to member status, so if theres something we should know keep us posted!!!
This will prevent recruiting more people then we can place in raids.

For those who are interested im having talks with different guildmasters next week to see wich guild/ group we can form an alliance with.
So just you know im working on that!

Also the fact we lack 1 tank will mean we will focus on down maiden for the next week since Moroes (necessery for Opera) requires 2 tanks.

Keep on the good atmosphere and lets hope we find a new tank soon!!

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word from your gm :)
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