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 L Word- So Wonderful

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PostSubject: L Word- So Wonderful   L Word- So Wonderful Icon_minitimeWed Jul 14, 2010 5:31 am

How many stars can I give a show that truly changes your life? This show is inspiring, brave, emotional, truthful, relatable, and so much more! And this is just the first season. This show has just finished its fourth season.. it's THAT popular. Yes, it is a show much more than that. Everyone, no matter what your sexual orientation, can relate to the characters and situations on this show. Here's a review of the characters:

Alice-My absolute favorite character. The most believable and real person on the cast, she's witty, beautiful, and doesn't care what people think. While showing her typical, sarcastic personality, you'll see her struggle with needing stability and just wanting to be loved.

Shane-The one that real lesbians can't get enough of. She's not an emotional chick (although that will change with every season) but she's deep. She doesn't like to be in a relationship and won't even spend the night with a girl.

Dana-The semi-in-the-closet dork. LOVE her! She's a pro tennis player and doesn't want the public to know. She falls for a chef (who, at first, Dana doesn't know is a lesbian or not) and eventually can't hide her love for her from the public anymore.

Bette-The smart one. She's the artsy one who has been in a relationship with her partner, Tina, for YEARS. Even with their problems, they decide to get pregnant although their problems become worse and worse as time goes on.

Tine-Bette's other half. She eventually becomes the victim of her and Bette's problems and starts problems of her own.

Kit-The alcoholic. Kit is Bette's sister and has a problem with drinking. I must admit that her presence in the first season isn't all that important but she will eventually become a bigger character on the show.

Marina-The one with the accent. Marina is extremely beautiful and smart. She owns "The Planet", a little cafe that is the hangout for all of the characters on the show.

Jenny-The crazy one. Jenny starts out in a relationship with a man. And then she meets Marina..

Even if my brief descriptions of the characters don't entice you, I suggest you watch this show for yourself. I guarantee you that it'll have you laughing and crying just as much as any other show.

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L Word- So Wonderful
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