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 A closer look on the Paladin's Raid contribution.

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PostSubject: A closer look on the Paladin's Raid contribution.   Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:26 pm

Hey guys,

After being in Karazhan for the first time, I noticed an overall nice team play!
I have some ideas though to make it all work out a little smoother. Please remember that this is just an idea and I cannot guarantee that it will improve the groupís benefit, but I have my speculations Very Happy

Okay, so hereís my storyÖ

Senuui and Moontje both know that Iíve been playing the Paladin class since the beginning of WoW, and Iíve literally tried every single combination there is when it comes to a specific role.

in this case, tanking/offtanking. I also taught Svenderson, Moontjeís alt, how to tank! I must say Iím pleased with the result and I thought to myself, maybe I can help the others as well!

Do note that Moontje prefers healing classes and thus will probably never be just as good as an experienced Paladin player (like me! /arrogance lol)

Now I hear you saying, ďBut isnít a Holy Paladin the best raid utility?Ē Why, both yes and no actually.

Let me explain.

The Holy Paladin
The benefits of a holy Paladin contain very mana efficient spam heals, and you can bubble yourself to shed that aggro off your back of stun a target, judge seals on the target (but you really donít want to waste your mana on doing that since youíre there to keep the raid going). You got nice buffs, and itís REALLY sweet to use that Greater Blessing of Light on the main tank!
Remember, increasing the effects of Holy Light spells used on the target by up to 580 and the effect of Flash of Light spells used on the target by up to 185 is REALLY good and you should use it on the main tank when possible! Very Happy
I canít say much more about the Holy Paladin since all you do is hurl Flashes of Light and Holy Light and use Divine illumination/Divine favour. Needlessly to say, you will NEVER-EVER see me healing as a Paladin, because I would probably fall asleep. Tough luck there, go find somebody else! XD

The Protection Paladin (lol wut?)
Okay, now Iím not going to argue with this, protection Paladins are not there to replace the main tank, since they will never reach the survivability of a protection warrior. However, do not be fooled by their raid utility! Iíll sum up the benefits of a Protection Paladin with a build that Iíve always used (Scroll all the day down if you donít feel like reading) , and it seems really nice to use in Karazhan for off-tanking and the likes:

Greater Blessing of Sanctuary
Reducing damage dealt from all sources by up to 80 for 30 min. In addition, when the target blocks a melee attack the attacker will take 46 Holy damage. Thatís right, 80! Combine this with a Stone skin totem (45 damage reduction) and voila, 125 damage reduction. If it stacks, but hey, 80 is still a lot and it definitely saves the healers mana.

Seal of Light
Unleashing this Seal's energy will judge an enemy for 20 sec, granting melee attacks made against the judged enemy a chance of healing the attacker for 95. Your melee strikes will refresh the spell's duration. Sure, every Paladin can use this, but remember, as a holy Paladin you will never try to get in melee range since you canít afford the risk Ė but a protection Paladin can run up and slam this onto the MTís target, since it heals everybody thatís attacking that target, including ranged magic users. =)

Exorcism (Paladin only)
Causes 619 to 691 Holy damage to an Undead or Demon target. Yes, this is a good way to help off-tank together with improves seal of fury which increases your Holy Aggro by 90% and lowers overall damage taken by 6% (on the Paladin).

Greater Blessing of Kings
Iincreasing total stats by 10% for 30 min! I mean, thatís great! You can even use this on the MT, but personally, I do NOT recommend it. You need ways to protect the warrior from dying (damage migration, see Blessing of sanctuary). 10% to all stats is quite good, it seriously improves overall DPS and grants more spell damage/healing since your mana is increased as well, but personally, do not use this on the MT and the protection Paladin (or any other off-tank).

Holy Shield (Paladin only)
Increases chance to block by 30% for 10 sec and deals 155 Holy damage for each attack blocked while active. Damage caused by Holy Shield causes 35% additional threat. Each block expends a charge. 4 charges. This is a great way to maintain aggro, it keeps you alive and makes us all very happy.

Sanctity Aura (Improved)
Now this is experimental, but Iím going to try it anyway, if you know Avengerís Shield, you know that itís used to pull mobs with high agro. HOWEVER, the shield bounces off to two other targets, which makes it very easy to tag an unwanted group, resulting into a wipe. Iíve seen how crowded Karazhan is, and itís best not to use this spell at all.

Besides, shackles and sheeps will be broken, and you wonít let the Paladin pull first because you want the MT to get the aggro!

Alright, Sanctity Aura. Increases Holy damage done by the whole group up to 10% AND increases all damage by 2%.

Sure, laugh, 2% seems like nothing, but bear in mind, this combined with Blessing of Kings (10% to all stats) makes a pretty sweet change!

And the 10% extra holy damage done? Well, itís perfect for getting even more aggro as Off-tank (the Paladin ofcourse) and if youíre a priest and are actually crazy enough to dps as holy with tons of spelldamage, sling away!

Thereís also a chance that Retribution Paladins might make a real difference after patch 2.3, seeing as Crusader Strike's cool down is down to 6 sec., refreshes all the judgments on the target and some more, but for nowÖ Iíve to wait after the next patch. If the patch goes through the way the changes are now, A Retribution Paladin will be a must to have.

I hope Iím not offending anybody, Iím not telling you that if youíre a Paladin and youíre doing something wrong you canít play your class, Iím merely giving some tips and hints!
Here are some builds that Iíve used and grew very fond off:

My first Protection Build

My current, Exclusive Protection Build (Mainly for Kara)

A great overall Holy build

Well, thatís my story for now. Iím always looking for improvement and to let the group benefit the most from my presence, however, my Alliance Paladin is level 63 at this moment so I cannot yet show you how well I perform in Karazhan and the benefit the group.

I sincerely hope that my Paladin will be allowed to join the guild, since I noticed thereís a terrible lack of tanks on both the server and the guild could always use another tank for instance runs (so I hope ^_^!).

As for my Shaman, I uhmÖ could use some help since I donít have any ideas for a good build.

But please, do not post that here, I only like to have questions and tips on how to improve myself and other Paladins! Very Happy Arrow
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PostSubject: Re: A closer look on the Paladin's Raid contribution.   Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:37 pm

affraid omg thera thats al long story and yes you maby speaking the truth my main thing is healing.

Buts its a long way too 70 it will keep you buzy the next 2months i think. And even when you get too 70 you dont have the gear for it... It will take much time too be a Main tank or even a off tank for karazan. And even when you got nice gear you have too know the stategies for karazan about the pulls and mobs. Sooo i think its a good idear too go with your shaman and lissen very carfully and watch the main tank & offtanks of our raid.

And about the shaman build speak too saya hes a shaman 2 Smile

Good luck buddy lets hope we do much raids and heroics togheter
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PostSubject: Re: A closer look on the Paladin's Raid contribution.   Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:18 pm

Hey don't worry I will be studying the offtank and main tank in kara and I'm not going to stop playing my shaman!

I just want to be known that I'm also leveling a tank so if somebody needs me you can always ask me (non heroic for a while, hehe)

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PostSubject: Re: A closer look on the Paladin's Raid contribution.   Sun Oct 14, 2007 5:07 am

My advise for shaman is enhancement all the way to lvl 50. then get your mittons on a green dragon scale set and go resto.. Only if you plan on staying in instances that is! if not stay enhancement and pick up unwanted healing items untill you are lvl 70. Resto shaman is the best build for a shaman cause well.. they are almost imortal.. pvp its funny watching 5 ppl trying to out dmg your healing and in pve you are loved by your groups. enhancement shaman are for lvling only as they can do 3k wind fury crits.. wow thats 3k.. unlike the 12k possible from warriors wind fury crits haha. and elemental shaman are like mages with no power! WTB +1,000,000 dmg so i can actually get within the top 2 on dmg meters in instances. 5 points in enhancement for extra mana and the rest in resto is the way forward!end of the day shaman raid spec is resto for the chain healing and mana/ healing/ magic dmg buffs.
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PostSubject: Re: A closer look on the Paladin's Raid contribution.   

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A closer look on the Paladin's Raid contribution.
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