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 Update raiding situation

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PostSubject: Update raiding situation   Sat Jan 12, 2008 7:14 pm

As the raiding members allready will have noticed we expanded our raiding alliance with Clan Wallace. At the moment we are still looking into how we will continue this.
As it looks like right now LF is welcoming a merge since we have most raiding members, also i think the demand for 25 men raids is biggest in our guild.

Divinity and Clan Wallace are at his moment busy with internal discussions of how to continue from now on, not all there members are looking to raid more also since theres also rp'ers pvp'ers and some casual players.

Personally i would have preferred to allready be in a more stable situation, but forcing people isnt the way in my opinion. Especially since some people really have to get used to the ideas i think its wise to wait a little while longer untill our friended guilds have decided within themselves wich way to go.

The possibilities right now are:

* Continue our current raiding situation, with some better (loot)rules etc.

* Merging into 1 bigger guild with those from divinity and CW who are interested. Within now and 2 weeks forming a new guild from start.

* Making a new guild where everyone can move an alt in, just to get to know each other a little better, this guild will be treated like one in the raiding alliance and can offer a less pressured way of merging. The idea is that in time this will be the combined guild.

So time to discuss, ask question etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Update raiding situation   Sun Jan 13, 2008 5:01 am

Hmm at first I really wanted to merge the guilds badly, but after experiencing the few raids I stumbled upon I had some second thoughts...

If we merge, those who were willing would lose contact with their old guildmembers. I'm not sure how this will affect them or their guild.

Making a new guild for alts doesn't sound like a plan, no offense. There are possibilities for learning of eachother but people mostly play on their main. (with the exception of me, I'm a switcher =_=)

If we continue like we do now, we *really* should have some sort of roster of some kind where we can check each others gear and loot distrubution.

Let me explain a little.

If we have more then say, 10 man online but not enough for a second group or similair, we could check the roster and compare gear.
Let's say There's two offhealers that like to join, but one of them is clad in good epics and the other one in blues. You give it a thought, then try to find some background information on his/her's experience as a healer - since gear doesn't equal to "better then a blue player" in my opinion.

Then you could probaly ask the lesser healer to join up for gear, experience and well, give him/her a taste of what to expect. I know people might not like this idea because they want a flawless as possible run while there, but I don't think it's good to pick a core group and stick with it. A core group is good (for example, one main tank, one main healer one main CC) but for other dps/healers/tanks, wouldn't it be fair to let them try?

Other then that I'm not really sure what to do. If we could get a overview of those raiding alliance guilds (Divinity/Clan Wallace) and their members what they like or what role they preffer to play, maybe some more Heroic runs with players from the other guilds would also be a way to get-to-know eachother! Very Happy

This is ofcourse hard to stimulate because people rather team up with those from their own guild because they know what to expect.
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PostSubject: Re: Update raiding situation   Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:15 pm

personally i think we should stay as we are and just get to know each other in our clan chat. w8 till the next expansion comes out then as we lvl to lvl 80 we can totally rebuild the guild and start a big multi functional guild with RP,pvp,raiders ect. but we need to make sure we have limits on our raiders.. no more than 50 members in our raiding and a fixed amount of each class so we dont end up with 45 hunters and no tanks.

Remember there is no such thing as a casual raiding guild.. simply wont happon.. you can raid but get know were.. like our server is so good at doing.

I say raiders have to know that to keep there position in the guild as a valid raider he / she has got to make the effort to stay in the raid from start to end, have lots of pots ect, and read up on tactics. any thing less and you dont make the grade as a raider.

For people that want to raid but cant stay for full raids thats np, that person just wont have any sort of priority over a raider so its totally baced on dedication. you ether play the roll as a full raider or your just a pug in a guild raid.

RP , PvP , PvE members wont have any priority in raids unless we need them and they want to fill a free spot, these members will have totally seperate rules baced on there type of play.

For the casual players they can simply be members, they can go about there usual buisiness, if they want to be rated as a raider then they can apply on the forums to get a spot, but they will have to abide by the raiding rules if its going to happon.

If you would like me to post some basic simple rules that could aid raiders so we can get serious raiding going then gimmi a shout! I will simply use a mix of Brethren and Sui Generis raiding rules.. they might be harsh at times but if you want to be a raider you got to have the balls to clear the instances with players willing to put time and effort into boss kills.

This might seem like its abit extreem but look at it like me:

1. casual raiders such as Unity, only just got there asses into Black temple..
2. Real raiders such as Suigeneris and Brethren have had Illidan on farm for about 4-5 months now.

This is the difference on a raid guild and a casual guild. any one who thinks Unity or any guild on our server is a serious raiding guild is highly mistaken.. just spend 3 weeks in a pvp raid guild and then you will see the difference.

some old raid rules i used to have to deal with with Sui generis are like this.

1. you pull aggro, you learn from what you did wrong and dont do it again, if you do you will be replaced.
2. If you die on trash, learn from your mistake or you will be replaced by some one who can do the job.
3. If you dont know tactics you will be replaced without question, if theres any problem you will be instantly demoted to member.
4. failure to show up on time will result in imediate replacement, any arguments see above.
5. failure to take pots will weaken the raid resulting in you been replaced.
6. Any one trying to change tactics or panicing and talking gibberish over TS will be asked to be quiet once.. a 2nd time will be a removal and replacement.
7. Any one goes AFK must inform an officer and put him/her self on follow of an officer.
8. If constant AfKers persist you will be replaced with out question.

All these might seem harsh but belive me i managed to raid for 1.5 years and got MC down to 1 hour 10 mins, BWL down to 3 hours and AQ40 to 3.5 hours. now thats raiding. cant argue with those results. this is what a raider has to deal with and this is why they are privelaged to hold the tital of Raider.
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PostSubject: Re: Update raiding situation   Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:31 am

I like Saya's thoughts here, i just think that we shoudlnt be aiming for that hardcore raiding.
For Nara's idea about making roster thats not necessery since its mostly the raidleaders task, since im doing most makign s of the group i ussually know who has what build/gear etc plus we need to rotate also to give everyone a chance.

After a month time for CW and Divinity i dont think merging is very likely. For now we will continue raiding as we are right now aiming for a full guild after the expansion and start raiding from the begin not 9 months later like we did now.

Sayas warrior started an alt guild wich can be used for levelling players, altho i would liek to add all those lowbie LF'ers are nice publicity for LF

LF will be starting recruiting again with the aim of getting enough for 25 men raids.
Im thinking about making our alliance as it is right now a real raid community so we can organise things bit tighter. This will mean all can stay in there own guilds, but we will have more control on signing websites, planning, overview of members etc.

To recruit more people we need to offer them and our current members more then we are doing now, also because busy rl it mostly stuck to raiding.
So read the topic above !
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PostSubject: Re: Update raiding situation   

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Update raiding situation
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