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 Isaax - guildmaster and rogue

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Isaax - guildmaster and rogue Empty
PostSubject: Isaax - guildmaster and rogue   Isaax - guildmaster and rogue Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2007 10:27 pm

As a young shipwrecked rogue Isaax found his way to Stormwind in a very early age.
Here he grew up amongst humans, dwarves, gnomes and what not..
Mostly that is the reason that the nightelves natural shyness of other races isnt that obvious within Isaax. He learned to find his way around other people and learned to trust other races aswell.
As he got older he started to adventure around Azeroth and beyond, everywhere he met new and interesting people. After soloing most of his younger life with moments of grouping up with his oldest friends in the game, Isaax decided he shouldnt be drifting all alone by himself.
Since he was lost in a very young age but never sure what he was looking for he founded a guild called Lost Forever for all those who are lost and like to find strength in numbers and friends.
Now hes trying to form a guild of friends by wich he hopes to achieve more with these forces combined then any of them could achieve alone.
Isaax is a pretty open minded rogue, the only things he really dislikes and is likely to get you a dagger stabbed in the back are disloyalty, selfishness and hurting of other people.
If you ever need advice or some feedback ask him and he'll be more then happy to give it to ya!
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Isaax - guildmaster and rogue
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