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PostSubject: Classleaders   Classleaders Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2007 9:13 pm

Class leaders:
We donít want a class specific leader we rather take a smaller group of officers who lead a group with the same role in the game. If you have questions during raids please ask your classleader before whispering the raidleader!
This might change if we happen to grow faster then expected.

Senuui: ranged dps / rp events
Mordia: ranged dps / pvp events
Sayasan: healers / old skool events
Isaax: melee/ tanks(vacancy for another CL here) and raids

Raid leaders:
Senuui, Mordia, Sayasan and Isaax.
Tanks mark up.
In effect it will mean the tank is in charge of the marking and pulling
And the 1 raid leader to explain the fights, set up the raid and distribute loot.
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