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 Changes in the guild!!! - IMPORTANT-

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Changes in the guild!!! - IMPORTANT- Empty
PostSubject: Changes in the guild!!! - IMPORTANT-   Changes in the guild!!! - IMPORTANT- Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2007 5:57 pm


Since september we have experienced trouble in getting groups, for various reasons.

We helped people get attuned and learn them about raiding, but i've noticed this does not ensure that they will stick around..
And while some gladly took advantage of us running them through attunements they were often the first to leave...Sometimes this meant we've been gearing up and attuning people who couldnt have joined runs anyway, wich is a waste of time and doesnt help us one bit.

I want to point out that exactly this group is what slowed our progress, because there equipment was often not enough and there experience was lacking. This was taking a lot of time during raids, and we simply lacked the skills to down bosses we downed before.
Also this caused the lack of progress wich spoils the fun for a lot of us.

Im sorry to say this didnt work as i hoped. But therefore some changes will be made.

* People who join our guild with the intent of raiding with us, have to be Kara attuned from now on will have at least all blue 70 instance gear with proper chants and armor patches.

*Also we are working on getting ourselves more well known by introdicing ourselves to the official forums, working on this atm.. This also will help in recruiting and organising stuff with more guilds involved.

* Also raiders status will be introduced today these people are the ones we plan on taking to Kara runs, read about this more under the topic Raiders status.

* We will focus more on progress.

* Officers will be reviewed and some changes will be made, 1st of wich is Moontjes promotion, 2nd Elre's reinstatement as officer and raidleader.

* New players in initiate period will be reviewed by the officers over a period of 3 weeks, if that player didnt meet our requirements they will become member instead of raider.

* Oc people can still join us for fun if they want but they will become regular members and wont be able to join our raids (maybe fill a spot from time to time if they are lucky)
If they are interested in joining the raid team, contact an officer!! But start with joining heroic runs and gather the right gear.

If you have any question please post them below.


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Changes in the guild!!! - IMPORTANT-
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