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 About Dacuz - Dwarves can be big too!!

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PostSubject: About Dacuz - Dwarves can be big too!!   Mon Oct 01, 2007 10:39 pm

Dacuz (211) grew up in the outskirts of Dun Morogh, near the border with Searing Gorge. He spend his childhood sneaking up on wild boars, climbing the rugged ridges and bullying his villainous neighbours, the Dark Iron Dwarves. At the relatively late age of 4 his beard finally began to grow. The red color, as commonly known amongst dwarves, is an early genetic indicator of developing a heavy beerdrinking habit.
The hairs on his chin proved the dwarven folklore right once again, as his parents forced him to be taken up by the Loch Modan rehabilitation clinic at the age of 139. There he learned to relinquish his obsession for Alteracian brewery formulas, and got interested in the art of blacksmiting.
Nowadays he roams remote and exotic lands to test out and improve the durability (or as he calls it: "Da Cuz-factor") of his relentless craftings. Blessed by the holy knights of Azeroth, he pesters the repulsive creatures that cross his path with exhaustion by dragging them into endless fights due to the twinkling palms of his hands and his shiny, plate-armoured outfits. Be warned thou ignorant featherheads! What goes around, comes around...

Stefan (27) graduated on Communication Systems and New Media & Digital Culture, and started playing WoW because he had to. Yes, that's right... his teacher of the class "Rules of Play" (who btw promoted on the subject of social interaction within WoW!) ordered all her students to purchase a copy and do some ingame research. He got hooked quickly. A serious attempt to quit playing failed when he retuned from Chile/Argentina and reinstalled (thanks Isaax and Mordia, huhuh).
He currently tries to divide his time wisely between his girlfriend, watching movies, playing guitar, visiting concerts/festivals/bars and playing WoW. Next to that he works as a webdesigner for a small IT-company in his place of residence, Zaltbommel (Netherlands).
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PostSubject: Re: About Dacuz - Dwarves can be big too!!   Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:58 am

nice story! =D, funny how i know the boy friend of your teacher Razz.
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About Dacuz - Dwarves can be big too!!
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