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 Angeldusk - DPS kitty - sometimes OT :)

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Angeldusk - DPS kitty - sometimes OT :) Empty
PostSubject: Angeldusk - DPS kitty - sometimes OT :)   Angeldusk - DPS kitty - sometimes OT :) Icon_minitimeFri Sep 21, 2007 6:27 pm

Hejj x ,,

In WoW;
You know me as Angeldusk, a dps kitty - sometimes you push me to be a big fat n ugly bear ^^ - Anyway, I'll give you some usefull stuff bout Angel :

* Talent Specialization: Feral Combat 0 / 45 / 16
* Primary Professions: Leatherworking 360 / 375 'n Skinning 375 / 375
* Kick ass kitty! Very Happy

Outside WoW;
Some of you met me n know am a lil girl who loves to have fun n giggle ^^
I like to hang out with my friends, and ofc, a girl's fav thing: shop till you drop!

There you go Wink Hope you know me a lil more now - both sides - If you want to ask me something, go go text me Smile

xox Julie
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Angeldusk - DPS kitty - sometimes OT :)
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