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PostSubject: Looking for more   Looking for more Icon_minitimeFri Sep 21, 2007 4:20 pm

Now we started to organise raid outside vacation period it seems we could use some more reinforcements. Also because we dont want to be too dependend of some guildies with key roles to be able to raid or not.

Therefore i decided to look for at least 1 more holy priest, 1 holy palla, 1 resto druid, 1 warlock, 1 mage. So if you know any people interested introduce them to me or one of the other officers so we can take em out for a testrun and have a talk. For the mage and lock high dps is a must.

Only requirements are (a) that they play actively so can attend at least one raid a week and preferrably two, (b) know how to play there class in raids (c) have kara attunement and decent gear.

Since i dont like actively recruiting i hope there are some friends of guildies or people one of you has good experience with who want to join rather then total strangers!!
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Looking for more
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