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 No one can resist glimpsing at the Simpson's!!!

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PostSubject: No one can resist glimpsing at the Simpson's!!!   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:11 am

Everyone in the world who owns a television can say that they have watched the Simpson's. Children and adults can enjoy it. I have been watching it since i was three years old.
You look into a regular family's life, laugh at their mistakes and flaws, understand (or not) what they are talking about or going through, and are comforted that your family is not the only one that isn't perfect.
I like how unrealistic things happen or when they make silly mistakes like leaving keys in the door when a burglar comes or how they look into the future and see lisa as president. If you could be a Simpson who would it be?

The Tribe DVD 1-5
True Blood DVD 1-2
The Office DVD 1-6
Entourage DVD 1-6
The Simpsons DVD 1-21
Queer as Folks DVD 1-5
Nip Tuck DVD 1-7
The Big Bang Theory DVD 1-3
Walt Disney DVD 153 Discs
MI5 DVD 1-8
Alias DVD 1-5
Monk DVD 1-8
30 Rock DVD 1-4
Gossip Girl DVD 1-3
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No one can resist glimpsing at the Simpson's!!!
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