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 I am addicted to it, entourage is great.

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I am addicted to it, entourage is great. Empty
PostSubject: I am addicted to it, entourage is great.   I am addicted to it, entourage is great. Icon_minitimeThu Aug 12, 2010 9:37 am

Entourage is one of my favorite shows, well actually it is my favorite show. Entourage inspired me to become an actor, and I'm serious I am actually going to the New York Film Academy next year and looking for talent agents just like Ari Gold. Entourage is great and it shows exactally how an actor lives in L.A or in any other part of the show, not to mention the guest stars, they are amazing! The plot and setting of this show is great! I really love it and I'm not sugar coating it. When I watched the first episode it lured me in, and made me watch the second, third, fourth, and so on and so forth. I finished the entire show in 3 days... I am addicted to it, it is great.

The Tribe DVD 1-5
True Blood DVD 1-2
The Office DVD 1-6
Entourage DVD 1-6
The Simpsons DVD 1-21
Grey's Anatomy DVD 1-6
The Sopranos DVD 1-6
Lost DVD 1-6
House MD DVD 1-6
Scrubs DVD 1-9
Criminal Minds DVD 1-5
Desperate Housewives DVD 1-6
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I am addicted to it, entourage is great.
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