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PostSubject: Lost Show   Lost Show Icon_minitimeWed Jul 14, 2010 5:32 am

To me, LOST is the best TV series of the third millennium, so far. Prison Break comes as a closed second and Heroes is closely behind. I am very surprised that TV series can be made this good these days when cost cutting and declining standards seems to be the norm everywhere else. But, not in the world of television, it seems.

LOSTemploys a cast of dozens to tell a big story. How big the story is? I don't know yet, it seems that we could have another 10 seasons and not come close to an end. But, slowly, what begins as your run of the mill airliner crash survivors story keeps adding layers on top of layers, expands, branches out in unexpected directions and, episode after episode after episodes keeps us mesmerized, guessing, mourning those lost and left behind, surprised, intrigued and always ready for more.

The first season starts a bit slowly and, speaking for myself, I didn't care much for the first couple of episodes. I will not reveal the plot but, it's probably proper to note that you are going to see peoples struggling to overcome extreme circumstances, stories of friendship, solidarity, spontaneous cooperation, the inevitable conflicts between people of many different upbringings, chasing different dreams, sometimes competing for the same rewards. Facing danger, the unknown and, what appears to be, the incomprehensible, the initial state of anarchy spontaneously gains textures and a fragile structure.

The first season is mostly about our heroes' survival and their struggle to go back to what used to be the `normal' life. Scenes of life and struggle on the island are often interrupted by increasingly disturbing flashbacks and puzzling hints that little that's going on is accidental, random or `normal'. The survivors are tied to each other in most surprising ways and, little by little, the supernatural, the mysterious and the plain unbelievable begin to manifest. We learn that the island is not what it seemed to be. There are monsters and unexpected beasts roaming in the woods, there are hints of other inhabitants and the familiar laws of nature don't seem to always apply.

LOST has an incredibly well-written story line, great acting and it's shown to us in the highest quality picture and sound. It is, without a doubt, one of the best TV series I've watched in a long, long time. If you haven't watched the weekly episodes on TV, you should consider yourself lucky. I haven't either and I am glad I didn't have to wait, week after week, for yet another mystery to solve itself in the next episodes.

If, after watching the first season, you felt it was entertainment time well spent, then you should definitely acquire the subsequent seasons because it only gets better. A LOT BETTER. Seriously.

Oh, and talking about viewing addiction, it took me a couple of weeks to devour Season One. As I was done with it, Amazon made available a Seasons 1-3 bundle and I bought that. I finished seasons 2 and 3 in the next couple of weeks. Season 4? It only took me 2 nights.
I hope you can enjoy it. Just rent it and buy it. It worths the money!
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Lost Show
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