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PostSubject: Scrubs-Brilliant   Scrubs-Brilliant Icon_minitimeWed Jul 14, 2010 5:30 am

Scrubs, a half hour of brilliant comedy and drama (not necessarily in that order) that has continued to break new ground and give us fresh entertainment in its entire 5 years so far. If you don't know the backbone of the show then read my past review of season 3 for a better in depth analysis of it. In a nutshell, Scrubs follows four friends working as doctors in a hospital as they navigate the ups and downs of love, friendship, and life overall. Season 4 continues in tradition and delivers the goods as we've come to expect. This season is really focused on the love relationships of our characters, and it has so much room to work with since the characters have already been firmly established. Heather Graham is the main guest star of this season and actually spends a few episodes with the show and creates a pretty great character, it wasn't like last season where we had some big stars stay for only 1 or 2 episodes.

Another part of the season I liked was that they spent lots of time fleshing out the Janitor character, and while we will always know him as the Janitor we now know a lot more about him as a human being. Neil Flynn who plays the Janitor actually gave a very touching performance in one episode where we see the true side of him.

I am proud to admit that Scrubs is the only show that makes me laugh and cry, many times in the same episode. Scrubs hold dear to many fans' hearts and is truly a special show. It has top notch writing that practically anybody can relate to, very loveable characters, hilarious moments, and real human emotion. You can imagine how mad I was when Zach Braff announced that the upcoming sixth season that will air in January 2007 may be his last. He apparently wants to do directing full time, even though only a short while back in an interview he said that he would never leave Scrubs and do directing in the off season. Hopefully he will reconsider and give us 2 more years at least, the show has not shown any signs of slowing down and is still fresh entertaining television. In a mess of mostly horrible network shows, Scrubs shines the brightest.
Scrubs is still filmed in 4:3 and that is how it is presented. The picture quality is excellent though, on par with last season and much improved over the first 2 seasons.

The 5.1 Dolby Digital mix is excellent too. The dialogue is concentrated to the center channel, and the ambient noise of the hospital designated to the surround speakers. The music in 5.1 is great too, and since the music in the show is used for emotional enhancement it makes the experience better.

Scrubs is one of a kind, and it is being treated like scum by NBC. For season 5 and the upcoming season 6, NBC pushed Scrubs as a mid-season filler for shows that fail. It's awful that they treat their best show as a last resort. Why ABC doesn't have Scrubs is beyond me, the show is produced and distributed by Buena Vista, so send it to ABC where it belongs and will be treated well. I hope Zach Braff does not leave, it would be a travesty to kill the show now when it is in full gear. Enjoy season 4, it's the most emotional season yet and has some of the series' best moments.
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