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 I'm ready.

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I'm ready. Empty
PostSubject: I'm ready.   I'm ready. Icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2008 6:19 am

...With 1318 AP unbuffed AP and 23.98% critrating and 70 hitrating.

Narathan is at a point where he can stay op the top 3 of dps so far in heroics.
I can keep on par with a MM hunter like Gway, I usually am 2-4% under him dps wise but I have to say that Gway is completely imba (he's always, ALWAYS number one on the dps chart in every single BG or heroic when I'm with him - haxxor?) and I will probably not be able to surpass him king

But in any case! while giving the group/raid juicy buffs and a good deal of dps combined with some CC as well for the healers, I think it's save to say that paladins can actually dps and make themselves still a valuable member of a raid.

I also have to thank Gway, Zenobi and Isaax for providing me with info on what to look for since I always played a crappy tank only. lol!

In any case! Still working on gear, but always ready for a raid or heroic! pirat
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I'm ready.
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