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 sen... holy ? 0_o

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sen... holy ? 0_o Empty
PostSubject: sen... holy ? 0_o   sen... holy ? 0_o Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2008 4:21 am

OMGWTFL337HAXX0R....Who hacked sen...
after like 5 months or so she's ...... holy ...
Yup that's right !! Wanted to try a different aspect of the game Smile. and just help out guildies instead of doing a selfish amount of the purest dps * cough cough.
will i now be healing friends trough raids/instances.

Tips and help will be more than welcome ( restrict to usefull help please XD)
I also need to gear up and get some more experienced so if anyone needs an healer for an instance( wich hopefully has a nice healing drop) be sure to whisper me.

and eventough i'm not sure for how long i'll stay healing think i'll stay it for at least a while longer.
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sen... holy ? 0_o
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