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 The story of Sayasan

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The story of Sayasan Empty
PostSubject: The story of Sayasan   The story of Sayasan Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 3:55 am

In game:

Saya was born with the powers of reburth, a skill mastered by the old draeni warlords. Starting life as a holy paladin working in the Stormwind Cathrdral she made her way into the depths of the molton core. During the campaign in the molton core saya found herself trapped between her own life and the life of the great Centuri, she gave her life so that the fire lord ragnaros would be finally vanquished.

After a time Saya was reborn under the works of Warchief Thrall and served as a grand warlock, mastering the shadows and demons like no other she could send a shiver down any grand marshals spine. With this power she was able to venture into the depths of the Blackwing Lair and topple the might of Lord Victor naferian and gainned the control of blackrock mountain for her warchief. Thrall so pleased with the progress she had made he sent her and her brethren into the might of AQ, here the team of elite asassins were able to put an end to the maddness that lerk inside. Even defeating a god, this made her team the most feared asassins guild in Asaroth. But this was short lived as the depths of Naxxaramas proved to be too much for her. Laying broken on the floor she thought of the good old days back in the cathedrel in Stormwind she desided she would go back to see her old friends.

Saya became a mighty hunter who's legend still is echoed throughout the land of the elfs, a true marksman with servival skills that were second to none. Gaining the friendship of a young upcomming rogue they wore the same style of armour and always groupped together. Most hunters thought of this to be insaine! a hunter wearing rogues armour, have you lost your mind they used to say. To the reply of would you like to step out side and try me out? Leaving team after team gobsmacked with the pure damage she caused with her anchent bow and staff of the anchents she dared venture into the outland with the 1st explorers, it was here she was last seen saving puppys and kittens from Ramparts of hellfire Citadel. (Too much with the kittens or is it the puppys that over did this comment ).

Now Sayasan has come to life as her true form. A high shaman of the Aliance,whos healing skills went down in legend along with her team of elite forces known only as the Hiddon order, now that this fellowship has become lost forever even more elite warriors have come across the path so few even knew existed and they stand united ready to face the wrath of the outland.

Sworn to serve under the ruling of her master, Sayasan will not fail in her mission of destroying the dark portal and vanquishing the mighty felhorde.


In rl im 26, buddhist, like stuff, dislike what ya calls em and can usually be found sat arround a pond with a joint hanging out of his mouth. Failing that ill be up some mountain doing pritty much the same. Still waiting for luck to drop a woman that will put me on the streight and narrow. king queen lol! lol!
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The story of Sayasan
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