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 Kara changes in the new patch

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PostSubject: Kara changes in the new patch   Thu Nov 08, 2007 5:11 pm

- Karazhan

- The number of creatures that must be killed in the Karazhan Servants Quarters area before a miniboss spawns has been reduced.

- Phase hounds in Karazhan will now phase out less frequently.
Coldmist Widows no longer wipe threat when casting Poison Bolt volley.

- Karazhan Chess Event: The Dust Covered Chest can now only be looted by players who are nearby when the event is completed successfully. In addition, the chest now contains 2 Badges of Justice for each player present.

- Wrath of the Titans will no longer cause Shackle Undead to break.
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Kara changes in the new patch
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